Anal Product

Anal product such as anal vibrator, anal dildo, prostate stimulator and anal lubricant.

The anal product is divided into four categories: anal vibrator, anal dildos, prostate stimulators and anal lubricant.
Several models of anal stimulators, or if you prefer anal vibrators, are available on the site. The most important thing to remember for anal penetration is that you should use products that have been designed for this purpose and has a base wide enough to prevent accidents. If the base is not wide enough, you could drop your anal vibrator and it could be difficult to retrieve! A good proportion of anal vibrator models are rechargeable and made of premium medical grade silicone. On several models of this anal product, you will find an adjustable speed mode with also pulse and escalation modes preset in the vibrator to provide maximum sensation. The anal vibrator is also well used by men, women or even as a couple. The anal product particularly stimulates men more intensely than women and this is simply due to the prostate which is particularly sensitive and therefore women are free.
The second category, the anal dildo is vibration-free and has a wide variety of shapes, it is also equipped with an enlarged base so it cannot be lost and is prepared for any risk of accident. Since it does not have an engine, it is manufactured in a multitude of sizes, shapes and materials. Some will prefer metal ones that can easily heat or cool using a container of water depending on the temperature you want, others will prefer silicone for its smooth texture and flexibility. This anal product is also in the form of a rod or a cord with different lengths with balls of different sizes that are inserted into the anus and removed by pulling on a ring which results in according to the dimension of the balls of strong sensation.
In the third category of anal product, we find prostate stimulators which are offered with or without vibration. For the prostate vibrator, they are designed to facilitate maximum excitement of the prostate and are obviously designed for men only. As the prostate is particularly sensitive in men, the quality of sensation it provides is undeniable. The prostate vibrator has a flat tip or quite simply an amalgam of round protuberances, in short often balls that press on the prostate when they are introduced at the anal level. Some models are battery operated, but more and more models these days are rechargeable with a USB plug.
The prostate stimulator or prostate probe without vibration for its part often has much more elaborate shapes due to the fact that it does not have a motor, it is much more malleable. Some prefer it for its flexibility and ease of use and obviously for its price which is lower than those with vibration. In general you will understand why the anal product is always presented in a dark or downright black colour, we cannot recommend enough that you do not buy this type of light-coloured product and, of course, to clean all types of anal products with a cleaner. Anti-bacterial such as the Plaisir cleaner!
Finally, the last category of anal product is lubricants which come in different formulas such as silicone anal lubricant, water-based anal lubricant in cream or even with a desensitizing product. Here are the big differences between each type of anal lubricant in general. Silicone anal lubricant is the most efficient of all in terms of long duration, in fact, a small amount used will allow you not to have to add it, on the other hand, it will be more difficult to dissolve with water when cleanable. Water-based anal lubricant, on the other hand, lasts a shorter time, but is very easy to clean and is generally sufficient for everyone. Some people prefer the use of cream simply because it is less liquid and easy to apply. In all cases, some of these lubricants contain a product that prevents discomfort by being slightly desensitizing, such as clove, which is sometimes a judicious choice, especially during the first anal sex.

Anal vibrator

Anal vibrators for everyone.

Anal dildo

Anal dildos of all sizes.

Prostate stimulator

Stimulate the prostate for intense pleasure.

Anal lubricant

The vibration facilitates and improves the sensations.