Massage candle

Massage candles to warm the atmosphere between lovers

Experience a warm, enveloping massage with our collection of massage candles.
By lighting the massage candle, you will already be enjoying an aromatherapy session with the all-encompassing scents that these candles release into the room. You can let go of the stress of the day from your body and mind and already have a feeling of well-being.

We have several fragrances available, each more pleasant than the next!
Once the candle has melted, you pour a little directly onto your partner. The candle will not burn the skin since it does not contain paraffin. You will only get a warm, creamy coating!
The candle does not stick after the massage you can leave it on the skin, it will become a rich moisturizer very good for your skin!
All you have to do is light the massage candle and the heat produced gives you a warm massage oil that you can use with the applicator or simply by gently pouring the massage oil onto the skin. All you have to do is relax and enjoy its benefits.

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