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For years, women have had the choice of the latest and greatest sex toys.

You can get them jewelled, in all shapes, textures, with different speeds, settings, and accessories.

Men, on the other hand, had little choice for their solitary pleasures. The vibrating masturbators on the market are limited to cylinders all of the same size and texture. And yet not all penises are created equal, why can’t products for men be a little creative too?

Well, these days there are hundreds (yes, hundreds) of sex toys, male vibrating masturbating stroker to choose from, and they are getting better performing than ever.

So which are the best? We have scoured the shelves to bring you the best sex toys for male masturbation. The basic vibrating masturbator includes a vibration, variable speed or not, inserted into the material. It will cause pleasant and stimulating waves on the penis. There are all prices, you will find the basic model that vibrates with a little coconut, up to the rechargeable model, with a powerful suction cup that allows it to stand on its own. Function which is very pleasant in the shower for those who like to be satisfied while standing.

Now in the vibrating masturbator stroker section you will find devices which do not vibrate, but which have even more interesting alternate functions such as a back and forth movement which allows you to put on the device and let it work on its own. Some models even have a program that you can choose depending on your mood and which will make a perfect blowjob simulation!

You will also find the models with air pressure which will compress you just enough to create an impeccable fit according to your taste of the day.

As they are also vibrating male masturbators, they often have a built-in motor that will make you vibrate in a smooth way in addition to the intense caress!

The others in the vibrating masturbator category that make people talk are the sucking models who will take your masturbation session to another level!

They provide intense and programmable suction again for all kinds of sensations whether soft or intense, the suction devices will allow you to stretch out and relax while letting the machine work and propel you into a programming ecstasy!

The most surprising vibrating male masturbator technology is the air-driven model. It works on your penis without you having to do anything.

You don’t even have to be erect to use it! You simply put on a little Plaisir lubricant, you put your penis inside, the device turns on, the orgasm will come on its own, whether you have had time to have your full erection or not !

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