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Transparent round donut

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Round donut for penis pump ( Loveclone ) super stretchy and durable. Super stretchy transparent comfortable round donut for penis pump or to be used as a ring for penetration.

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Loveclone transparent round donut for penis pump

The Loveclone Clear Round Donut is the ultimate in fun and stimulation. It is made of a material so soft to the touch that you will be amazed. The soft Loveclone texture stretches and fits firmly over the tube opening. The Loveclone donut is an accessory compatible with all penis pump tubes to be developed. Can also be used as a ring for penetration for those who have problems with the length of their penis thus making penetration more pleasant.


3.25” (8.25cm / 82.55mm) donut width
1.25” (3.17cm / 31.75mm) opening width
Super stretchy
Replacement accessory
Donut for penetration



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