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Extravaganza Heidi Lauritsen realistic love doll

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Extravaganza Heidi Lauritsen realistic love doll. The “EXtravaganza” is a new series of high-end doll which is made of phthalate free PVC material with realistic vagina & Anus. It has 3D molded head with realistic hair, 3D molded hands and feet with painted nails. It comes with the foot pump and vibrating bullet.

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• Life size Doll 4′ 7″ (143cm)
• 3D Rotocasted head with realistic hair and Eyelashes
• Perky Breast with lifelike erected nipples
• 3D Rotocasted feet and hands with printed nails
• 2 Loveclone love holes
• Anatomically correct vagina & anus
• Realistic tunnel
• Easy to clean chamber
• “Missionary” position



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