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Fuzu 360° massage glove


Fuzu 360° massage glove. Fuzu 360° massage glove effective at eliminating muscle folds, bringing back circulation to the hands and wrists. Available in two colours : Neon blue and Neon pink.     SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE

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Fuzu 360° massage glove available in tw o colours

Pamper your sore muscles with our Fuzu 360° massage glove. Our massage mitt features nine 360° rolling balls that hug the curves of the body. Soothes sore muscles and provides relief from stress and tension. The Fuzu™ Glove stimulates the whole body and can be used with or without lotions or massage oils. Separate the thumb and little finger to exert extra pressure on specific areas. Rubber buttons inside the glove provide increased relief and control. The Fuzu™ glove comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so everyone can enjoy a well-deserved end result. Feeling revitalized and invigorated is now in the palm of your hand.

The design is super simple, yet incredibly effective at eliminating muscle folds, bringing back circulation to the hands and wrists. Excellent also for sexual massages.

Fastened securely on each hand, the ambidextrous roller glove features soft nubs on one hand side and three rows of free-wheeling rolling balls on the other. It’s easy to use solo, but would also make massage sessions with a companion quite spectacular. It is nice and flexible, bending and curving with the movement of the wearer’s hand.

In a flexible plastic material, the Fuzu 360° massage glove is safe to use with most lotions and massage oils, just make sure to rinse it well afterwards.


(9) 360° rotating balls
Fits all hand sizes
Soothes sore muscles
Relief of stress and tension
Take away fatigue
The 10 main benefits of massage

Fight against stress

Promote sleep
Soothe pain whatever the area of ​​the body: shoulders, back, neck, legs, feet, joints.
Reduce tension
Improve blood and lymphatic circulation
Release the energies
Strengthen the immune system
Bring relaxation, relaxation, letting go,…
Enjoy this moment
Provoke more well-being and pleasure



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