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Wickedly kiss my raspberries heating massage lotion 100ML


Wickedly Kiss my Raspberries edible heating massage lotion. Wickedly Flavored Heating Massage Potion is excellent for serious massages and it never becomes sticky.            SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE


This no aftertaste it is simply delicious. It warms up your skin as early as applied and during or after massage, your partner licks tasteful lotion on you…A delicious desert and a stimulant erotic game! When applied to certain areas, the massage potion Wickedly makes you discover new erogenous zones of your body or can even waking up some.

Easy to apply, the pressure tip delivers the exact quantity needed. The Wickedly Flavored Heating Massage Potion is the ideal approach for couples. The jar and the box are masterpieces of design, everybody will appreciate this gift. Large size of 100ml (3.4on). All natural, latex safe, hypo-allergenic, non-staining. Ingredients: vegetable derived glycerin, distilled water, flavor, citric acid, color. You’ve got the choice between 9 exciting flavors. 100ml (3.4oz)





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