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Lady Ursula ultra realistic male masturbator

$499.99 $349.99

Lady Ursula male masturbator. Lady Ursula, the most amazing realistic replica ever made with a vibrant similarity to real human being. Everything from her defined shape, her silky smooth skin, feels just like the real thing. This product includes free gifts and free shipping anywhere in Canada!


Lady Ursula ultra realistic male masturbator

Lady Ursula ultra realistic male masturbator 36DD breast, slim waist, strong hips in a full 20 pounds body, a technological well designed masterpiece made form a super realistic skin texture.

Two openings;  vaginal and anal, deep enough to accept the most virile ones.  Easy maintenance, Lady Ursula is secure and durable and will also give you years of pleasure.

The texture of this masturbator will surprise you, it’s just like a real woman! Lubricate it abundantly with water soluble personal lubricant and you will be surprised at the results. To maintain its texture, use the Plaisir softening powder for years without worries.


Lenght : 22.05 inches (56cm)
Width : 13.40 inches (34cm)
Height : 6.30 inches : (16cm)
Weight : 20 pounds (9.07kilos)

Material : Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) LoveClone

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