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Marc Dorcel Geisha Balls


Marc Dorcel Geisha Balls. Marc Dorcel’s Geisha balls have five balls to interchange, one with vibration and remote control. Free shipping anywhere in Canada!


Discover the best in terms of Marc Dorcel Geisha balls or Kegel balls, 5 balls to interchange, 2 strings for several possibilities. One of the balls is vibrant and comes with its remote control.


Geisha balls by Marc Dorcel
Marc Dorcel proposes to revolutionize the world of Kegel balls (Geisha balls) with his kit of interchangeable balls specially designed for the 40 years of the brand.

This kit includes:

4 non-vibrating balls, of different weights;
1 remote controlled vibrating ball with 16 vibration modes;
1 remote control;
1 string to fix 2 balls of your choice;
1 string to fix 1 ball of your choice;
Multiple combinations to test, to strengthen your perineum, or to have more pleasure!

Each of the balls has a different weight :

Black color: 20 g.
Silver Color: 32 g.
Bright Light gold color: 41 g.
Shiny gold color: 52 g.
Dark gold color: 65 g.

The black ball is a vibrating ball that you can control remotely with the remote control. 16 vibration modes offer you multiple possibilities. You can keep your hands free during your perineal rehabilitation session or just pelvic muscle strengthening session.

But you can also use these Kegel balls (geisha balls) with your naughty games partner for example, to whom you will entrust the control of the remote control.
Each ball contains a ball inside: each movement triggers a contraction of the perineum. The longer you keep the balls in you, the more you muscle your vagina. You then trigger a virtuous circle: the stronger your perineum, the better you feel your partner within you during sex, and therefore the more pleasure you feel.

If the balls are of different weights, it is to change the level of difficulty of the exercises. The heavier the ball, the more difficult it is to keep it in oneself. It’s up to you to be strong enough to keep the geisha balls in your vagina.


For all women wishing to strengthen their perineum and vagina, following childbirth for example. You do your pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises, or you just muscle your vagina.
Take back control of your vagina, and your sexuality!
To all women who love masturbation, vaginal stimulation … You can use these geisha balls for solo pleasures.
In addition to the classic use that you can have with geisha balls, you can, with them, enjoy additional vibrations thanks to the vibrating ball. This is yet another possibility for you to have fun with this kit.

Finally, to all naughty couples, the remote control offers the possibility of playing with your other half. As with a vibrating egg, you can insert the geisha balls into your vagina, hand the remote control to your partner, and let them decide when to press the buttons to send you delicious vibrations.


The Training Balls are made of ABS plastic, and the holding strings of these balls are made of hypoallergenic, phthalate-free silicone for maximum safety, so you can focus only on your pleasure.

Sixteen vibration modes and geisha balls of various weights to find the winning combination to please you.
The vibrating ball is rechargeable by USB cable (supplied).
The whole of this kit is waterproof and is easily washable (with soapy water or a special sex toy cleaner)



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