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Romp Switch clitoral stimulator


Romp Switch clitoral stimulator. Romp Switch clitoral stimulator with our Pleasure Air, head body safe silicone, splash proof and 6 intensity levels.


Romp Switch clitoral stimulator

Romp Switch clitoral stimulator is our Pleasure Air™ clitoral stimulator with 6 intensity levels. Battery powered and body-safe.
This innovative technology treats your clitoris to a new world of female pleasure. The gentle changes in air pressure stimulate your clitoris without touching it. There’s no overstimulation and no feelings of numbness. Turn yourself on with ROMP Switch.

COME AS YOU ARE! 6 intensity levels, from intense to gentle. The quiet yet powerful motor always has the right mode for you. With just two buttons, it’s super easy to control.

THINK OUTSIDE THE SHEETS! SWITCH by Romp doesn’t mind a few splashes of water in the shower. It’s splash proof and easy to clean.
New orgasmic heights. That’s Pleasure Air™ Technology. This game-changing technology employs an interplay of suction and massage, while gentle shifts in air pressure stimulate the clitoris without direct contact then taking pleasure to new heights.

-Head: body safe silicone
-Battery operated 2 X AAA included good for 300 minutes
– Splash proof only
-6 intensity levels
-Warranty: 2 years


What are the reasons for using personal lubricants?

To intensify or enhance sensation, with or without a partner. With added lubrication, women and men may enjoy the pure sensation of touch and intercourse without friction or irritation, so the mind is free to focus on the positive aspects of intimacy.

To help eliminate pain and discomfort, that stems from vaginal dryness. Women may experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes at varying stages of life, such as after bearing children or during menopause. Dryness may also result from medical conditions such as chemotherapy or diabetes, or from using anti-estrogen medication.

Lubricants may also help to prolong intercourse, as natural lubrication can sometimes diminish during longer periods of intimacy. Lubrication is also essential for sex practices certain sexual play that involve toys or anal penetration.



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