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Velvet touch pink vibrator


Velvet Touch pink vibrator. Give yourself the Velvet touch! These classically styled 7” vibrators feature an incredibly smooth texture, like the velvet they’re named for.

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Velvet touch pink vibrator multi-speed

How do you improve perfection? Take our smash hit, the Velvet touch pink vibrator. Double the size, double the horse power, and double the fun. These 10 Velvet Vibrators comes in four new, bright and exciting colors. They are packing the most powerful motors around. Enjoy earth shattering sensations indoors, outdoors and in between with a waterproof, multi-speed Velvet vibrator. Made from 100% phthalate-free ABS plastic. To effectively clean your vibrator and to increase their lifetime, just use the antibacterial cleaner Plaisir and warm water.

7.10” (18cm) Wand length
1” (2.54cm) Wand width
6.10” (15.49cm) Insertable length
Soft velvet touch finish
Multi-speed dial controller
Phthalate free / non toxic
2 AA Batteries (not included)


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