Dildos come from all the same principle. It is a phallic (penis) shape object without vibration designed for vaginal or anal penetration. A variety of sizes, lengths and textures are available. With regards to its manufacturing, you will find dildos with or without latex, gelatin and rubber, or if you prefer ultra-realistic textures such as products made out of Loveclone, Silicone, UR3, Sil-A-Gel or even Hardtex. We should also not forget the glass dildos that can be heated with warm water or cooled in the refrigerator for sensations that come out of the ordinary! Finally, some dildos are provided with a suction cup that allows you to fix it on a flat surface, wall or a chair, letting you move back and forth according to your taste! Dildos are manually used and require an excellent lubrication. It is therefore imperative to use a good quality lubricant to seek maximum sensations and avoid vaginal drying up. Clean the tool with an appropriate product, such as the Plaisir cleaner which is antibacterial and which, moreover, preserves the appearance and texture of the product in excellent condition La Clé du Plaisir is Canada's premium sex shop!