Lubricants & Sex toys cleaner

Lubricants can be useful during sexual relations in the event of a dry vagina, but they are indispensable for the use of dildos, vibrators and or any stimulating object that requires vaginal or anal penetration. Indeed, using these products become much more pleasant and prevents any form of heating. Two main classes of lubricants can be used; water-soluble and edible lubricants (sometimes flavors are added which are clearly marked on the label) and silicone lubricants, which are more expensive, but much more efficient because they require a much smaller quantity for use. You only need to be sure that they are compatible with the material used (latex, gelatin, etc.) You’ll also find anal lubricants that are often easier to apply to the relevant area, in the form of a cream or simply containing a numbing ingredient to help things along for a first experience. We sell a cleaning product that cleans all your sexual products well. It is 100% natural and alcohol-free (Plaisir). It kills any germs that might remain on your products, maintains and protects your whole collection of vibrators, dildos and stimulating devices. La Clé du Plaisir is Canada's premium sex shop!