Massage Lotions, creams, powders & oils

Massaging creams, often flavored, bring your partner to explore your body, to taste it and also to discover a multitude of sensations. Easy-to-use, flavored massage creams are often beneficial for the skin, soften and prepare the skin for the pleasures to enjoy a healthy relationship. Flavored lotions, meanwhile, are also used for massage, but can bring your partner to reach areas that they are less likely to explore if you yourself apply the product, so as to let him/her to discover where they are. (These lotions are often transparent!) Moreover, a wide variety of warming flavored lotions are offered in a variety of flavors, so you can enjoy every part of your partner with the flavor of your choice! Massaging powders are very useful for those who wish to give a dry massage. These powders are edible, making their use more erotic. Finally, fruity or flowery massaging oils to used for more energetic erotic massage, to relax or arouse a partner who needs a little extra dose of affection; touch is an excellent introduction to love and carnal relationship. Little tip for massaging oils and warm lotions: place the bottle in a glass filled with hot water! The oils will be more enjoyable for cold weather use and vice versa in cold water in the summer... La Clé du Plaisir is Canada's premium sex shop!