Sexual stimulants, delay sprays and creams for men

We have divided our range of sexual stimulants and aphrodisiac pills into three main categories: exciting vaginal creams such as Geisha and Femme Fontaine, lip balms such as Plaisir and Shunga, aphrodisiac pills such as Forta and Durazest. Vaginal creams will sensitize the walls of the vagina, create a need for penetration and will stimulate the sensations. Lip balms create a sensation of heat / cold which should in most cases promote orgasm in both men and women or simply intensify it. They can in many cases bring a plus to the relationship by bringing a change of sensation to break with a certain routine that is installed in the couple in addition to having fun and very pleasant effects. Aphrodisiac pills, on the other hand, have the function of giving back energy. Often, they simply activate the blood circulation which revives and gives a greater sensitivity to the body and gives a second breath to the relationship! Aphrodisiac pills are often very rich and concentrated in products easily assimilated by the body for a faster reaction. Finally, the self-timer, which is not really sexual stimulant, but which in our opinion should be part of this range (since it can become extremely stimulating for those who are used to a partner too fast ...) are sold in the form of cream, liquid or atomizer (vaporizer that delays ejaculation). These products such as Stud 100, Colt and Dynamo desensitize a part of the penis which does not remove the pleasure of the partner when it is applied in reasonable quantities and as indicated on the packaging of our various manufacturers. La Clé du Plaisir, the first-class sex shop in Quebec!