Gel and stimulants cream

Aphrodisiac creams and stimulants gels to boost orgasm.

Stimulating products in the form of clitoral gels, nipple gels, vaginal creams such as Geisha or erection creams apply directly to the parts for which they were designed. Clitoral gels such as Femme Fontaine will stimulate blood circulation and make them much more sensitive to petting, as well as penis creams. Some creams will give a feeling of warmth and cooling during the same application, all with the aim of making your body enjoy new sensations, which in many cases facilitates the attainment of orgasm. Vaginal creams like Geisha, on the other hand, stimulate the vaginal walls and give the impression of a big "thrill" when applied to the clitoris. The lip balm Shunga and Pleasure reserve your partner during a blowjob a surprise, indeed sensations of heat and freshness come alternately invade the penis and make your lips burning with desire. In short, you have a wide selection of products, you make your selection taking into account the desired effects! La Clé du Plaisir, the first-class sex shop in Quebec!

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