Vibrating eggs (bullet) & Vaginal balls

La Clé du Plaisir offers one of the widest selections of vibrating eggs of all shapes, sizes and textures. We also offer several types of vaginal balls that can be used by women, but they don’t all have the same function. Here is a short explanation of their differences. Japanese balls are designed for strengthening. They are small, perfectly round and very heavy. You insert them inside the vagina and contract your muscles to try to keep them there. Of course, if you spread your legs, Japanese balls will fall out by themselves. The goal is to contract your muscles as much as possible to keep them inside, helping you not only to prevent prolapse of the bladder, but also to tone vaginal muscles, helping you feel your partner better during penetration. Japanese balls have been used in Asia for hundreds, even thousands of years. Originally, small, round stones were used. Many doctors recommend using them after giving birth to prevent or even remove bladder prolapse problems. About 15 minutes of exercise per day are enough to see a considerable different after only 2 weeks. Chinese (or Kegel) balls are inserted into the vagina, and through movement, a certain excitation takes place. They are used to help lubricate or simply prepare for sex if you have a partner who is sometimes too eager. Chinese (or Kegel) balls with a built-in vibrator will literally carry you to orgasm unless you only use them for a few minutes to prepare for the act of love! You’ll find Chinese balls with hard sides or sometimes covered with latex, some of them have raised bumps to heighten excitation, but they all have the same function: giving pleasure! La Clé du Plaisir is Canada's premium sex shop!