Japanese balls

Japanese balls to tonify the vaginal muscles.

Japanese balls are two small, solid beads sometimes made of stainless steel, sometimes made of plate metal or simply metal covered with plastic. These balls have a very small diameter (about ¾ of an inch or 1.9 cm) and are inserted inside the vagina. You must contract your vaginal muscles to try to keep them inside. Because of their weight and small diameter, they come out by themselves if you relax your muscles. Of course, you have to be standing up! This exercise, when done 15 to 30 minutes per day, helps firm vaginal muscles as well as preventing prolapse of the bladder. This method is very effective (often prescribed by doctors) and it gives women better control of her vaginal muscles and as a result improves the quality of her pleasure as well as her partners during sexual relations. This method is also called the “Kegel Method”. La Clé du Plaisir is Canada's premium sex shop!

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