vibrating eggs

Love eggs and double vibrating eggs.

There are three kinds of vibrating eggs: those with cords, those with control on the egg itself, and those with remote control. Some vibrating eggs’ speed is set manually, while others (more popular) come programmed with a number of sequences of varying intensity; so your choice of journey to surprising or subtle fun is just at your fingertips. Let us take a moment to imagine all the naughty possibilities offered by remote controlled vibrating eggs. During a quiet stroll, in the elevator or at the restaurant, you could be giving your partner a hot preview of the fun evening to come. Vibrating eggs with vibrating ball are generally more discreet than bigger stimulators. They are perfect to stimulate the clit or titillate the prostate from the outside. Because they are smaller than vibrators, their vibrations are more concentrated. Look for silky textures, as indicated in product descriptions. Those seeking superior quality should check out the outstanding Zini collection. Don’t forget the Clé du Plaisir sex shops warranty plan: our clients’ satisfaction is our first priority! La Clé du Plaisir is Canada's premium sex shop!

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