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La Cle du Plaisir, an erotic boutique, a sex shop like no other! We offer a wide selection of exclusive products such as sex toys for women, sex toys for men, lotions, and products for couples of all kinds. For over thirty years, We as ensured the best customer service, both in our physical erotic boutique with a storefront and in our online sex shop.

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To thank you for the confidence you have placed in La Clé du Plaisir erotic shops for more than thirty years now, you have the opportunity to choose from three to eight gifts with a minimum value of four dollars and a maximum value of two hundred dollars on each of your orders depending on your purchase amount.

These freebies will add instantly according to your product selection.

Welcome to La Clé du Plaisir, your exclusive destination for a unique erotic experience in Quebec! As an online erotic boutique, La Clé du Plaisir stands out with its extensive selection of over four thousand adult products. Order online or by phone and enjoy enticing discounts ranging from 10% to 75%, along with fast and free delivery for purchases exceeding sixty dollars!

Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident through our generosity. Depending on the amount of your purchases, receive between three and eight instant gifts, ranging in value from four to two hundred dollars. With a selection of over forty gifts available with each visit, we provide a diverse choice to enhance your experience.

La Clé du Plaisir is not just a sex shop; it is an unparalleled destination in Canada. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of the market is reflected in the presence of all quality novelties in adult products. Explore the best brands of vibrators, masturbators, lubricants, and sexy lingerie with confidence, thanks to our secure website meeting the industry’s highest standards, along with extremely discreet delivery.

Immerse yourself in a world where pleasure is a key essential. Shop at La Clé du Plaisir, your trusted partner in the world of sensual pleasure in Quebec.

Experienced service, staff adequately trained across all our branches, well-organized home presentations, structured to provide a generous hostess gift package – our online sex shop service offers thousands of products. These include, among others, sex toys for women and men, lotions, sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs, erotic massage accessories, fetish toys, sexy lingerie, and, finally, a vast selection of couple games and party accessories. Many of these products are entirely exclusive.

It is worth noting that becoming a V.I.P member is completely free and entitles you to discounts of 10% to 25% on each of your purchases, with this discount even applying to products already on special!

Whether you decide to shop at one of our sex shops, during a home presentation, or just in the comfort of your own home at our online erotic boutique, you will always feel sure of a service that is respectful of your needs, courteous, and a fast and very discreet delivery service for all your online orders and adult erotic product purchases. If you would like more information on our franchises, the location of our sex shops or just to speak with the franchisor, simply click on the contact us tab.

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