Fetish Toys

Fetish toys are used in the sexual practice of submission more commonly known as bondage (BDSM).
Fetish toys used for bondage (BDSM) which is an Anglicism designating this practice which consists of attaching one’s partner with various accessories such as handcuffs and hindrances, collar and leash, straps, rope and ribbon, chains, hood and mask, ball and gag, harness or leather straps inflicting postures, groans, hindrances whose exhibition creates mutual excitement.
Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with any form of sadism since the consent of both partners is required and the material to create the hindrance must not hurt. An often used abbreviation is BDSM for bondage sado-masochism.

Sexual fetishism with fetish toys
On the other hand, sexual fetishism is sexual arousal caused by visual and/or physical contact with an object such as a fetish toy, a specific body part or a situation. This type of fetish can include parti-alism (touching or visualizing parts of the body, including breasts, buttocks, legs, navel, hands, nose or more commonly feet), one or more objects (gloves, tights, boots and shoes ), or a material (leather and latex). https://lacleduplaisir.com/jeux-erotique-adulte-joke/jeux-couple/

Bondage (BDSM)
The basic principle of bondage is simple: one partner attaches the other, certain movements of which remain hindered for the duration of the sexual intercourse, until orgasm. If bondage advocates the art of ties, it is not necessary to know the knots to try tied sex. Similarly, it is not mandatory to tie up the other completely: hands, feet or blindfolded, each couple has the choice of hindering the parts of the body of their choice. Finally, there are no rules when it comes to ties: a ribbon can act as a tie, just like string, a pair of handcuffs or latex ribbon, more or less tight depending on the tolerance of the lovers and the level of submission, envisaged by the lovers.
The use of fetish toys can be a source of extreme enjoyment for sadomasochistic partners. But tied sex, in softer conditions, can also appeal to lovers who are not used to practicing BDSM games. By changing their habits, they spice up their sexuality for more excitement and pleasure.

50 shades of gray
The arrival of the global phenomenon 50 Shades of Gray has largely democratized these practices by showing the world that submission was practiced with respect for partners and entered homes through the front door! Before the advent of books and films of the same title, the demand for fetish toys was very low and the supply extremely limited, being intended only for a few marginalized people. Now the range of fetish toys is very extensive and the clientele that requests them is more and more varied, these practices having entered homes in the same way as massages and sex toys.
We therefore offer you a wide range of fetish toys made of very good quality leather, latex, steel and vinyl. Among this selection, you will find bondage kits, straps, straps, harnesses, handcuffs, whips, hoods, gag balls and nipple clamps.

The atmosphere of a bondage session can also add to its success. Feel free to accessorize with candles (Shunga’s massage candles spread their intoxicating scents throughout the room), music and naughty clothes. You will find in sexy lingerie many small sets with fetish accessories included such as; clip, collar and object to correct. You could also decide to take the opportunity to put on a costume and play the role-playing card to the fullest! The nurse can strap her patient. The schoolgirl can be corrected by her teacher. In fact the limit is only your imagination! Take the trouble to discuss them before planning your session and be precise in the description of your fantasies, they will only be better appreciated when it comes time to execute them and don’t forget to agree on the word that ends instantly at the session. This will allow the exchange to take place within the limits of the protagonists!

Finally, in the fetish toys section, you will also find various furniture and sex swings to facilitate the practice of your fantasies! Whips and riding crops are also available.
We remind you that during any sexual practice and use of fetish toys, respect for others is essential and necessary for your development.

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