Sexy Lingerie

For more than 30 years, La Cle du Plaisir has been selecting a range of sexy and erotic lingerie to satisfy all of its customers. From the most extroverted to the most discreet, La Clé du Plaisir Erotic Boutique dresses all women respecting all types of silhouettes; tall, short, thin, round, small breasts, voluptuous breasts, etc.

Also with a range of plus size lingerie.
Sexy lingerie gives back to the wearer, the pleasure of inhabiting her femininity with confidence!
The sexy costumes will also be presented with many accessories to fulfill all fantasies.

In more than thirty years, we have seen Sexy Lingerie evolve to the rhythm of new materials available on the market. So if stay-up hold-ups were invented in 1986 by the Dim company, we only saw them appear on our shelves in Quebec at the beginning of the 90s.

They responded to women who wanted to combine femininity and practical mind! The “stocking that holds on its own” is a great success and is still very popular today. We have a wide range of colors and textures ranging from conventional nylon to bold mesh!

The elastane (or lycra) mainly used for sportswear only became widespread for lingerie in the 90s as well. The comfortable and feminine underwear was born! Even more, it has allowed the development of Sexy Lingerie and seamless underwear very popular with men too!

Because if in history lingerie is almost exclusively for women.
There are more and more men who care about their appearance in undress as well and who want to increase their comfort and charm! Men's lingerie, including the well-known brand of men's underwear Greg, now holds a place of choice in our stores.

Another use of materials specific to sexy stockings will be used for “Body Stocking” or “body stockings” which will be offered in a wide range of colors and textures.

The thong, which before the 80s was practically only worn by strippers, was also democratized. It is an integral part of Sexy Lingerie and now all women wear it every day to improve the effect of clothing and eliminate those unsightly panty marks! On the other hand, the original thong has gradually widened to take on the look of the Brazilian brief, which is wider at the back and more comfortable to wear!

The beginnings of lingerie date back to antiquity.
The Greek or Roman woman supports her chest with linen, wool and sometimes even leather bandages! The goal was more practical than sensual, Sexy Lingerie had not yet been born!

We will have to wait until the end of the 18th century to see breeches appear. Before women were naked under their dresses and tunics! On the other hand to protect the thighs, the woman of the Middle Ages wears short breeches which stop at the knee. These stockings are held in place by a strip of fabric tied around the leg. The garter was born and will become a garter belt in the 19th century!

The corset, for its part, was born in the Renaissance, but has more of a goal of maintaining, or even making the silhouette straight and austere, than of sensuality. The so-called basque corset (to make a wasp waist) which makes the waist slim and shapes the breasts will arrive in the 17th century. He will be denounced by the medical profession in France in 1750 for his misdeeds on the health of women. Under Louis XV it will be released somewhat and women will be able to start breathing again!

In the 19th century the corset was perfected to become Sexy Lingerie: elastic laces, metal eyelets, it adapted to women's lives. There are even corsets for pregnant women and corsets for swimming! It is again laced very tightly, it responds to the obsession of the time with an ever thinner waist. Anthropologists have found the remains of a woman from the time with overlapped and fractured ribs!

In 1914 the First World War was to completely change the lives of women.
Having to replace their husbands who left for the war, they now work in the factory. Their clothing changes and the lingerie adapts. We will replace corsets, petticoats and the like for more useful underwear. We speak less of Sexy Lingerie than of comfortable and practical everyday underwear.

Nowadays corsets are only used for frivolities, we have seen the metal rods disappear inside bra cups and in corsets. They have been replaced by more flexible and less dangerous materials!

Sexy lingerie has now been democratized to be available everywhere, from specialized shops to supermarkets, through online sales and large surfaces.

This is why La Clé du Plaisir is always on the lookout for new trends to serve its customers the most beautiful and original lingerie for women!

Finally, whether avant-garde or retro, lingerie is like the woman of today, modern and sure of herself. A sensual representation of assertive femininity!

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