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Why Use Stimulating Creams and Gels?

Stimulants for men and women offer unique benefits to enhance sexual experiences. Here’s how these products can transform your intimate moments:

Stimulating Creams and Gels for Men

These creams and gels are applied along the entire length of the penis. Their goal is to increase sensitivity, helping to produce and maintain an erection. By activating blood circulation, these products increase the sensitivity of dermal tissues, allowing for a more sustained erection. Unlike ejaculation delay products, these creams and gels do not delay ejaculation but are used by men who desire a more sustained erection and intensified sensations.

Stimulating Creams and Gels for Women

Stimulants for women are applied directly to the internal parts of the vagina, either with a finger or by introducing a penis covered with the product. They make the vaginal walls more sensitive and can contract the vaginal walls, greatly enhancing orgasm. In some cases, they make the G-spot swell, making it easier to find!

These creams can cause contractions and are therefore not recommended for pregnant women and ideally should not be used two days before and after menstruation, periods when they are less effective.

Clitoris and Nipple Stimulation

Some of these products are designed to titillate the clitoris or nipples. They can cause sensations of cold or warmth on these sensitive areas, thus increasing pleasure.

Stimulating Lip Balm

Stimulating lip balm is also highly appreciated. It serves to excite the genital areas during cunnilingus or fellatio by causing waves of warmth and cold on the stimulated areas.

Effectiveness of Stimulating Creams and Gels

These are often much more effective for women than orally taken pills because they act directly on the genital areas, offering targeted and immediate stimulation.


All these products available at La Clé du Plaisir are designed to enhance the quality of your sexual relationships. Offering increased sensations and intensified pleasure. Whether it’s to increase penis sensitivity, stimulate the vaginal walls, or titillate the clitoris and nipples, these products are an excellent addition to your intimate life. Explore our collection today and discover how our stimulating creams and gels can transform your sexual experiences.

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