Whip and Flapper

Whip and flapper or long leather whip and whip, leather and even wooden whips for all tastes and all those who like to dominate or be dominated!

La Clé du Plaisir offers a wide selection of affordable sex whips and whips and ticklers. Our BDSM gear lets you get really wild.

Beginners to this type of erotic pleasure will find many naughty toys. Those who already like to bend over and get slammed are also in luck. We have adult toys for all levels of BDSM experience. You can easily experience the thrill of bondage and get kinky. Take your pick of sexy sensations, from the soft, sensual stroke of a whip to the harder spanking of a sex riding crop.

But first, let’s explore what these different adult toys are.

What is a riding crop?
In BDSM play, a riding crop is a sex toy used primarily on the buttocks. You may have seen one used in Fifty Shades of Grey. The name and image probably sound familiar to you. Crops are also used on horses. But the type of culture we are referring to here is specifically designed for humans. These naughty sex toys are optimized to give you the kind of pain you crave.

Although the designs are slightly different, most riding crops have a long, thin handle with a small head at the end. This head is used to hit the buttocks, inner thighs, breasts or other fleshy areas of the body. The sensation is generally stronger than that of a paddle, because it hits less surface.

Crops can be made of leather or other materials. Ours are available in colors ranging from black to red to white.

What is a tickler?
A tickler is a sex toy used for tickling. Yes, it is that simple and exciting. If you’ve ever been tickled and found yourself aroused, these adult toys are worth exploring. Some have a handle and a feather at the end. Others are shaped like a feather duster. Instead of dusting, they are used to tickle sensitive parts of the body like armpits, arms and inner thighs. Or you could enjoy a fantastic disguise as a French maid. Dusting can be part of your foreplay!

What is a whip?
A whip is a sex toy with a handle and several strands. The strands can be used to gently drape a lover’s skin or for firmer strokes. When a whip lands hard against your skin, you will feel a strong thudding sensation. The whips can be used on the buttocks, thighs, upper back and breasts.

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