Sexual Swing

The sexual swing category includes all suspension devices with or without attachment. There are some that are fixed to the ceiling and others that hang on the door. Some are fixed and others have a system that allows them to rotate!

With these accessories all couples will be able to adopt the most complex sexual positions. Using this product, you will feel like you are having weightless sex in every position imaginable!
Sex swings can allow couples of different sizes to let loose safely! They adjust to all angles and all heights, thus saving you from contorting yourself in an unpleasant and risky way.

Some sexual swings include rings that allow the wrists and ankles to be attached to them, which increases the appeal of play considerably! These sex swings let you choose unlimited positions and become the centerpiece of your ultimate private bondage playground. These devices are ideal for beginners, and provide fun and excitement for everyone!

Explore the Kama sutra with ease! You and your partner will be thrilled to find the perfect position that will allow you to achieve the most satisfying and deep penetration with minimal effort! Swing into pleasure with our sex swings!

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