Rope and tape

Rope and tape for submission and BDSM as well as tapes for restraints.

They say it’s hard to retain a good person. But as long as everything is consensual, we would be happy to help you. With our wide range of products, you’ll find everything you need to help your partner exercise a little restraint so you can experience all the fun of BDSM in moderation.

Or to excess, if you prefer. We’ve got everything to help you tie up your partner, from beginner’s bondage kits and PVC tape to positioning straps and harnesses. Show your partner that you love them the way they are, where they are, with the restraints under the bed.

If you are looking to achieve a freer form with your ties. Japanese Silk Rope might be just what you need. This durable cotton/poly blend keeps your partner securely attached without the risk of chafing or scratching.

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