Plus Size Lingerie

Having curves and wearing sexy lingerie a contradiction? No way! Asserting your femininity is very important whether you are slender or have more to love! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and being beautiful for the other is important, but being beautiful for yourself in your mirror is even more so.

We talk a lot about sexual diversity, but we still have to love this body we wear. Adorning it with silk and lace will only increase this self-acceptance and break down the barriers of discomfort with our body that prevent us from letting go during the nights of love!

Leave the light on and be the prettiest! Be bold and dare all those naughty things you deprive yourself of! Daring plus size lingerie!

The first thing we had to make sure when putting together our selection of plus size lingerie was to make sure that the sizes respected the stated charter! We didn't want to have tracks just stretched all over the place like some companies sometimes do!

We therefore had several plus size lingerie tried on by several women of different sizes and measurements to make sure that the lingerie we had selected would suit all women respecting this same charter.

We then made a varied selection to please all tastes and fulfill all fantasies. Whether in Los Angeles or Montreal, our choices are based on the quality of the workmanship and the fabrics. Your lingerie will therefore remain beautiful and silky as long as you respect the cleaning rules set by the manufacturer.

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