The condom is currently the only effective way to fight AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, and is one of the most reliable contraceptives. Be responsible and attentive, avoid any contact between the genitals, mouth or anal parts before putting on the condom.

The condom should always be placed on the erect penis. Placing a condom on the flaccid penis can lead to pinching or even perforation during erection. Check that your preservative has a reservoir, a guarantee of safety. Pinch the reservoir (the end of the preservative) between your thumb and forefinger to expel the air and create a vacuum. The tank will thus be able to contain the seed without it bursting.

On the other hand, the absence of air is synonymous with finer contact and increased pleasure. You can also introduce a drop of suitable lubricant which, filling the tank, will prevent the air from taking place there. Form a ring with your thumb and index finger around your penis and unroll the preservative along its length, until you reach the base of the penis. Do not force, this operation may take some time, but should not be painful. If it doesn’t go well, throw it away and get another one.

Preservative are usually pre-lubricated, but you can supplement the lubrication with a water-soluble lubricant. Fats and petroleum jelly should be avoided: they can corrupt the condom or make it porous. Use only suitable lubricants. Remember that it is the ring of the condom that holds it in place, so do not hesitate to lubricate it, your sensations will only be more intense. Remember: a condom is only for one use, it must unroll easily, it must not be damaged or expired. It is not recommended to use a condom that has undergone temperature changes or that has been damaged.

For this purpose, the product should not be in a glove box, a pocket, or a refrigerator. You can also use flavored condoms without problem, the Trustex condom brand with an excellent choice of flavors is of very good quality. If you try other brands, make sure they are real preservative and not just flavor gimmicks. The Night Light Fluo brand fluorescent condom is also a real condom, but some other brands use a product that affects the quality of the condom. In any case, check the expiration dates before use.

Finally, for those allergic to latex, the Avanti Bare condom from Durex is made of Polyisophene so it is a latex-free preservative.

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