Breasts / Boobs

Where does the pleasant feeling of having your breasts/boobs caress come from?

First, when your partner fondles your breasts / boobs, your brain releases a chemical into your bloodstream called oxytocin. This powerful sex hormone, also triggered by fondling and orgasm, promotes a strong sense of bonding between you and your partner.

To maximize its effect, ask your partner using these arms that surround you to press your breasts / boobs against his chest. Or in the missionary position, pull him towards you until your nipples brush his chest and try to synchronize your breathing. This touching and lifting at the same time will enhance intimacy, and because arousal increases blood flow, your breasts / boobs will feel warm, making your embrace even more comfortable.

Tease them

The same way a man can get an erection like this, a woman’s breasts / boobs can stick out and stand at attention without direct contact. In fact, the mere suggestion of sexual contact can trigger pleasurable sensations in your chest.

To bring your breast / boobs to life without touching it, ask your partner to simply brush their hand across the middle of your breast, then move them to either breast, drawing circles across the entire breast. area.

The barely there caress will stimulate the microscopic hairs on your chest and the nerves beneath the skin’s surface, creating shivers of bliss.

Also use flavored warming lotion, breast / boobs balm or nipple clamp for even more arousing sensations!

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