Collar and Leash

Choice of collar and leash for BDSM

The collar and leash of nylon, leather, with a metal chain or not, our selection has something to satisfy the most demanding!

This accessory can be combined with your domination games. If you’re more of a dominant, get yourself a spiked or studded necklace. It is a sign of recognition in the sadomasochistic world. If you are more submissive, choose one with a small ring and its leash. The ring necklace can be flashy, punk style, and worn with a leash, but to go out, prefer these discrete, elegant and subtly suggestive jewels, which let hover like a doubt around your personality. Collar and leash parts of fetish toys.

You will stir up trouble.

In the bedroom, the collar and leash leave no doubt as to the desire of one partner to be submissive and the other to be dominant.

Here you will find a collar and a leash that will leave no doubt about your personality. A satin collar for softer ideas and a more assumed leather collar !
Either way, have fun!

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