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Using handcuffs and restraints during sex can be appealing for a variety of physical and emotional reasons. It can be as simple as holding your partner’s wrists while you’re on top, or as complex as tying a full-rope harness around them. It doesn’t have to be complicated, however, and there are many simple and sexy ways to incorporate handcuffs and restraints into your game. Anyone can choose to play in moderation; you don’t have to be interested in the power play or even know how to tie a single knot. However, if you want to incorporate the power play into your use of restraints, at La Clé du Plaisir we have some items that can help.


Coercion is a form of feeling play because it affects your awareness of where all the parts of your body are in relation to each other. Proprioception is the reason you know where your left foot is right now without touching or looking at it. This is also the reason why we can walk, play guitar, or perform any movement without consciously thinking about it. This is the reason why learning a new task, like driving a car, takes conscious effort at first, but becomes natural over time.

Like these other activities, sex requires you to use your body in specific ways, which can take some getting used to. Once you do, the sexual movements can feel like second nature, just like driving a car or typing without looking at the keys. This is a good thing, because it means you can have fun in a natural way without worrying about what to do next ! However, unlike these other activities, sex is more enjoyable if you are aware of everything that your body is feeling.

Why would anyone want to be tied up during sex ?

Once your body is comfortable with what it is doing during sex, you may not be as aware of certain sensations. This is where coercion comes in: it puts your body in a different position and immobilizes a part of the body that you are used to moving. Your body is aware that something is different and will work to adapt to the change. Your brain thinks, “Hmm, that’s not what I’m used to feeling, it’s very interesting !” Therefore, handcuffs and restraints introduce new sensations and accentuate others.

There are also emotional reasons why holding back can be nice. If you are able-bodied, your arms and legs are usually available to you. When a part of your body is held in handcuffs and restraints, it loses its ability to serve and protect you, which can make you feel vulnerable. Feeling vulnerable isn’t usually desirable, but it can be exciting when you’re feeling sexy with a trusted partner. You may instinctively feel a little nervous due to your physical vulnerability, but since you know your partner will make you feel good and not hurt you, those feelings can turn into arousal. Also, you may be able to relax more fully knowing that you have permission just to receive the pleasure that your partner is happy to give you.

Handcuffs and restraints for the whole body

Most handcuffs and restraints are made for the wrists and ankles. These are usually adjustable cuffs that buckle or tie in place and can be hung together or tied to something else. There are also restraints that connect two parts of the body together, such as wrist, thighs, and ankle restraints. If you want something that can be used on other parts of the body, consider bondage tape (tape that only sticks to itself and doesn’t snag on skin or hair) or rope bondage (soft cotton, hemp or nylon rope).

Many retainers are made of leather because they are versatile and will conform to the wearer’s body over time. There are also synthetic retainers (many of which have the added benefit of being a machine washable!)

In any case you will undoubtedly find in the section handcuffs and restraints the product that will inspire you!

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