Handcuff and Shackle

In handcuffs and shackle you will find metal handcuffs, plush, leather, thumb, hand and ankle cuffs. As for shackles, we have the largest selection with models of all kinds, shackles for beds, leather or nylon, universal shackles whether for men, women or couples.

The easiest way to subdue a partner into bondage is to use a set of handcuffs or shackles. Our range includes handcuffs of all kinds, from faux fur to decorative cuffs and fluffy handcuffs to secure cold steel double locking police handcuffs.

Fastening securely around the wrists to keep the hands restrained with a central chain, the handcuffs are an easy to use bondage solution. The hindrances are solid and can surely make your partners adapt more than exciting submission positions.

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