A multitude of sizes, lengths and textures are available to you.

As for their manufacture, you will find dildos with or without latex, gelatin and rubber or, if you prefer, ultra realistic textures such as products made from Loveclone, Silicone, UR3, Sil-A-Gel or Hardtex. We should also not forget the glass dildos that can be cooled in the refrigerator or heated in hot water for sensations that are out of the ordinary!

Finally, some dildos are equipped with a suction cup allowing you to attach them to a flat surface, wall or chair, letting you come and go as you please!

Dildos are used manually and require excellent lubrication, so it is imperative to use a good quality lubricant to get maximum sensations and avoid vaginal dryness. Clean the device with an appropriate product, such as Plaisir cleaner, which is antibacterial and which, moreover, keeps the appearance and texture of the device in excellent condition.

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