Best edible products for sex

Try something a little different for dessert by incorporating it into your lovemaking like edible products. Cover yourself in chocolate and let your partner lick it sensually. Apply it to your most sensitive areas for a fun and tasty sex session. You can also use our range of edible lotion, oil and gel to turn relaxing moments into sexy moments. Drizzle with your favorite flavor like strawberry, pineapple or raspberry and enjoy delicious erotic sensation.

Enjoy our range of the best edible products. Our edible breast pastilles are a delight to devour for those who love nipple stimulation. Choose your favorite look and stick them on your nipples at the start of your sex session. Breast pastilles are the perfect sex aid for those who like to play with nipples and those with a sweet tooth. For extra stimulation, use body paint to draw or write seductive things on your or your partner’s body. Or draw a map of exactly where you want to be licked. Buy the best comestible products at sex shop La Clé du Plaisir.

Edible panties and bra

Our range of edible panties and bra lets you eat your favorite sweets to reveal the sultry surprise underneath. Shop candy edible bras, candy cock rings, candy nipple tassels and more for a delicious bedtime treat. Who said midnight snacks were bad for you? Enjoy this naughty treat on your bedroom adventures as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth and arouse your partner to eroticism. Sensual licks don’t have to stop at candy.

Edible panties and bra for sex is extremely effective in turning you on. It’s a happy challenge that leads to an even happier ending. Shop the full line of edible sex underwear now and pair it with other stimulating products like women vibrator.

How do you use edibles for sex?

Comestible sex products are extremely versatile and can be used however you see fit. For example, use our range of comestible massage oils to give your partner a sensual massage and lure them into licking sex, especially in their most intimate areas. Or use our range of edible body paint to spot exactly where you want to be touched, licked or kissed. Or just have fun painting pictures on top of each other! If you’re using an flavored lubricant, try drizzling it on your partner like it’s your favorite dessert and have fun licking it all off. All of our edible sex items are safe to eat (but we don’t recommend in large quantities at once), so have fun exploring each other!

What sex edible should I buy?

Depending on the type of experience you want, you will determine the best comestible products for sex. If you’re looking for a way to make oral sex smoother, we recommend an edible gel or flavored lubricant to satisfy your taste buds. Or if you’re looking for a fun way to spice up (or sweeten up) your sex life, why not incorporate edible paint or massage oils?

Finally There is so much fun to be had with our comestible sex items. Buy the best edibles for sex now.

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