Tenga brand

Love, Freedom and Tenga

Tenga brand, Try to feel more, try to dream more, openly try to love what you love more, and try to be who you are, without expectation.

Someone who owns their passions wholeheartedly is someone who understands the importance of the passions of those around them.
Let’s build an open, free and joyful world where your individuality is celebrated to make you who you are.
Enjoy being you.
Live free, with love.


Pleasure, as it should be.
What does sexual pleasure mean to you?
Have you ever talked about fun with others?
Not as a humorous anecdote, but how great is the fun?
Topics around sexuality can be quite taboo, and products designed to meet these needs have always been stigmatized as obscene.

That’s why TENGA is here!

Revolutionizing sexual pleasure, putting sexuality first, for the pleasure of all. Try one of our Tenga brand products of revolutionary pleasure made with these great ambitions in mind.


First of all, Tenga brand high quality masturbators, of different sizes, some in the form of eggs and practical disposable pouches.

In short, some Tenga masturbators are with vibration, but most are manual and with a choice of more or less tight interior to adjust well to the user.

Finally, Tenga masturbators are offered at more than reasonable prices and are available on our La Clé du Plaisir online store.

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