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The nipple clamp increases sensation in two different ways:

Because it’s attached, it causes continuous pressure signals to be sent to your brain. The nipple clamp also contracts and cuts off some of the blood supply to the end of your nipple. Decreased blood supply makes nerve endings more sensitive to touch.

It’s generally safe to squeeze the skin tight enough for the nipple clamp to stay in place, but not so tight that it cuts into the skin or causes bruising. A little feels like a lot, so there’s no need to put the clamp on the highest setting for a rewarding experience.

The general rule is:

If all circulation is cut off, you should not keep the nipples clamps on for more than 30 minutes at a time. Duration varies from person to person, so it’s a good idea to play low on the tension scale at first, even at the risk of dropping the clamps when your aroused state isn’t. so high. Then see what you like as you gradually increase the tension.

Some people like to play with nipples clamps intermittently, two minutes here, nine minutes there and never get close to the 30 minute clamp time.
Also remember that the greatest sensation usually occurs when the nipples clamps are taken off, rather than when they are put on.

Most people feel some pinching sensation when the nipples clamps are applied, then feel a much more intense sensation when the clamps are released and the blood returns to the nipples. Remember this as you play, and prepare yourself (or your partner) for clamp removal by rubbing nipples and breasts before, during, and after removal.

Above all, only use tongs in a way that feels good. If you feel pain or numbness, remove it.
There are several models of nipple clamp, we have selected the most varied and best performing models here!

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