Kegel Ball

Kegel balls or Japanese balls are perfect for vaginal exercises, consist of two small solid balls, sometimes in stainless steel, sometimes in gold-plated metal or simply in plastic-coated metal.

These balls, of a very small diameter (about ¾ inches, 1.9 cm in diameter), must be introduced inside the vagina and you must contract the vaginal muscles to try to keep them inside. Given their weight and their small diameter, they come out on their own when you relax the muscles.

Of course you have to be up! This exercise, practiced 15 to 30 minutes a day, aims to strengthen the vaginal muscles as well as prevent bladder descents.

Very effective, this method (often prescribed by doctors) gives the woman better control of her vaginal muscles and thereby improves the quality of her pleasure and that of her partner during sex.

This method is also called the kegel method.

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