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Premium glass balls

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Premium transparent glass balls . Experience the ultimate in elegance and stimulation with these premium glass balls .

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Premium glass balls

Experience the ultimate in elegance and stimulation with these premium glass balls . Additionally designed to seduce and satisfy women and couples looking for a unique sensual experience . Whether you are a beginner in exploring your pleasure, an advanced user looking for new sensations, these glass balls offer unparalleled versatility and effectiveness.

With a perfect diameter of 3cm, each sex ball is crafted from the highest quality glass. So it combines durability and beauty in an exquisite transparent finish. The clean look and cool feel of the glass against the skin provides a sensory experience that is both visual and tactile, ensuring total immersion in pleasure.

Delivered in a set of two, these pleasure jewels are carefully nestled in a premium velvet pouch, ensuring discreet storage and optimal protection . This attention to detail makes this set an ideal gift to pamper your partner or to treat yourself.


In addition, they offer appreciable versatility for all users. Regardless of their experience level or preferences. The ability to gradually insert the balls allows for gentle and gradual exploration, ideal for beginners. Thus while offering more experienced users the depth of stimulation sought for particularly intense orgasms.

The softness and solidity of the material make these balls very pleasant to wear. These promise not only exceptional comfort but also unparalleled effectiveness in activating erogenous zones. This set is therefore perfectly suited for those looking to explore their body. To discover new avenues of pleasure, alone or with a partner.

Invest in this premium set of sex balls for elegant and stimulating intimate exploration , and let yourself be transported on an odyssey of unprecedented pleasure.

Material: Glass
Diameter: 30mm
Packaging: Velvet pouch



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