What is heated?
At La Clé du Plaisir, we have a selection of heated vibrators , heated masturbators , heated lotion , massage candles and heated lubricant .
Heated vibrator
First of all, heated vibrators which are generally very pleasant to use and very realistic, such as the Samson or Hercules vibrator, are of excellent quality. Certain models of rabbit vibrators or double action vibrators if you prefer are also very popular. It goes without saying that the maximum temperature reached by the vibrator is only a few degrees higher than that of the human body for a pleasant sensation.
Heated masturbator
Firstly, the heated masturbator as in the case of vibrators is used to create a better comfort zone for its user and is only a few degrees higher than that of the human body. Ultimately, very popular with men who seek realism as close as possible to the real thing.
The advantages of heated vibrators and masturbators
The benefits of heated toys are numerous. The heat of your vibrator , masturbator or anal vibrator allows you to fully benefit from the vibrations of your device. It also helps you relax and makes your vaginal areas or anus much more sensitive to vibrations. When your genitals start to warm up, your blood vessels open. This increases blood flow to the dermis, making your skin much more sensitive. Each movement is more intense and pleasant.
The warming lotion
The warming lotion, for its part, gives off a sensation of heat when you blow on it or rub it. Often edible in different flavors, they add a special touch during your sexual relations.
Heating lubricant
Finally, the heating lubricant , whether it is an anal lubricant or a vaginal lubricant, promises you intense sensations! This type of lubricant, which can also be used for massage, delivers delicious heat through friction, so don’t overdo it! Try small amounts to start to find your comfort zone.
Massage candle
Finally, the massage candle not only gives off a pleasant smell, but also gives off a warm oil suitable for massage . Don’t worry, the heat of the oil when the candle is lit will not burn when you apply it to the body.

Finally, heating products are very pleasant to use, why deprive yourself of them?

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