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Matchmaker massage candle


Matchmaker massage candle for him and her. Made with shea butter and other natural oils, this luxury 3-in-1 candle creates a seductive atmosphere for sensual massages.


Matchmaker massage candle for him and her

Treat yourself to the ultimate sensual experience with the MATCHMAKER pheromone massage candle. Made with shea butter and other natural oils, this luxury 3-in-1 candle creates a seductive atmosphere for sensual massages. Not to mention that it leaves the skin soft and hydrated. For her, the red MATCHMAKER Attract her 150 ml. Created in collaboration with Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger. This scent is a sensual blend of jasmine, grapefruit and amber with a hint of citrus. For him, MATCHMAKER Black Diamond in black color. This scent is a bold blend of cedar, black currant and lemon with undertones of oak, white amber and musk.


•Melts in warm oil that won’t burn your skin
•Contains natural moisturizing ingredients
•Contains high quality vegan pheromones

USE: Light the candle and let burn until it begins to melt (approximately 20 min). Use it as a daily moisturizer or for a sensual massage.


Human pheromones are chemicals that send subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex. This can trigger very powerful sexual responses. Your body naturally emits pheromones every day. The signals are detected by an organ located 10 cm inside the nose. This hormone is called the vomeronasal organ (VNO). When the VNO detects the pheromone, it sends a sexual response signal to the limbic region of the brain, which controls our emotions and sexual desires.

When these sexual and romantic feelings overwhelm you, your brain releases a chemical called fenethylline. This in turn triggers the production of dopamine. The result can be quite powerful, and you don’t have to smell a pheromone to be affected.

People who produce large amounts of human pheromones often have more success attracting the opposite sex. This is why EYE OF LOVE products have been created with the highest quality pheromones , to give you that extra edge.

Although the pheromones are odorless, EYE OF LOVE has added special scents to enhance their effect and the result. Fragrance and pheromone work on two entirely different levels. The pheromone is odorless and stimulates a chemical reaction, while the scent complements and reinforces the particular mood.



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