First of all when it comes to sexuality, massage techniques are used to arouse or achieve orgasm. It can be part of sexual activity between partners, but it can also be part of erotic games.

In some practices, sexual touch has a spiritual and even healing component. Tantra and ancient Taoism associated sexual energy with life force and developed different techniques to promote sexual and spiritual health.

Psychotherapists sometimes recommend these practices, both for individuals and for couples, in the case of problems that may be psychosexual, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and anorgasmia.

This sexual practice between partners can be a pleasant way to be intimate together. La Clé du Plaisir offers you different products to facilitate and increase the pleasure during your caress session.
In short, the massage candle, the massage powder, the cream, gel and massage oil are all products likely to enhance and eroticize it.

Massage candle

Let’s first look at the candle which is also a great addition. They not only help set the mood, but can also provide you (and possibly a partner) with a fun activity to warm up before sex. The massage candle provides warm oil, but not too much, it does not burn the skin and is very pleasant in smell and texture to use.

Massage powder

More over, for those who enjoy caress session, but do not want to use oil, massage powder is very pleasant to use. Indeed it is easy to use, easy to clean and moreover it is edible. Available in several flavors, it also has a very pleasant smell.

Massage cream, gel and oil

Also the creams, gels and oils offer quite different fragrance and often different and interesting flavors. Most are edible and very easy to apply. However, be careful not to exaggerate the quantities applied, they can in some cases stain fabrics and sheets.

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