Aphrodisiac pill and lotion

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Aphrodisiac pill and lotion

We consider a pill and aphrodisiac lotion to be any product that is swallowed arousing so as to lead to sexual intercourse more quickly. No product as aphrodisiacs as it is will react in exactly the same way depending on whether such or such person uses it. The psychological factor helping, some will have a real need, while others will find little satisfaction. 

It is therefore important here to understand that the “magic” product has not yet been invented and that it is necessary to use your good judgment.
In our pill and aphrodisiac lotion section, you will find pills which are energy stimulants. They sometimes contain coffee in high concentration which stimulates the senses. Sometimes they contain natural herbs that stimulate blood circulation, thus increasing skin sensitivity.

In any case: “they do not wake up the dead! ”. They can help in a short time to boost energy and facilitate the erection in men. Often these are vasodilators, they increase blood circulation, which in men greatly promotes erection. So for these same reasons they should never be used if you have high blood pressure or if you have heart problems.

In our pill and aphrodisiac lotion section, you will also find the lotion that works on the same principle as the pills. Beware of the Spanish Fly & Spanish Fliege these are just placebos and all the stories you might have heard about them are just urban legends!

For women, stimulating creams work a lot more than pill and aphrodisiac that act directly on the erogenous zones!

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