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Hercules Automatic Masturbator


Hercules Automatic Masturbator. Discover the ultimate pleasure with the Hercules automatic masturbator. Thus, it is designed for an immersive and customizable experience.


The Hercule Automatic Masturbator, revolutionary for personalized pleasure.

Discover the ultimate pleasure with the Hercules automatic masturbator. Thus, it is designed for an immersive and customizable experience. Explore a variety of thrusting and rotating movements for deep, realistic sensations. Enjoy hands-free interaction with the magnetic phone holder and control the device with voice commands for an intuitive experience. With convenient USB charging, your pleasure is always within reach. Also, use plenty of lube to increase your sensations. To effectively clean your masturbators, simply use Plaisir antibacterial cleaner and lukewarm water.

Immerse yourself and your penis in a world of personalized pleasure with the Hercules automatic masturbator. Designed to deliver an unparalleled experience, this revolutionary toy is equipped with exceptional features to stimulate your senses and take you to new heights of satisfaction.

Ten thrust modes

With its 10 thrusting modes, Hercules offers you a range of deep and satisfying sensations, imitating the sensation of real penetration for an intense and realistic experience. Explore each mode to find the one that suits you best and let yourself be carried away by endless waves of pleasure.

Ten rotation modes

But that’s not all. With 10 rotation modes, this masturbator allows you to adjust your pleasure according to your desires. Discover unique and stimulating sensations that will transport you to new levels of ecstasy with every use.

Magnetic phone holder

For an even more immersive experience, the magnetic phone holder allows you to easily attach your masturbator for hands-free interactive pleasure. Access interactive content to enrich your experience and let yourself be guided by your deepest fantasies.

Voice function

And with the voice interaction feature, you can control the device with voice commands, allowing you to personalize your experience intuitively and effortlessly.

Additionally, never worry about being without energy at the crucial moment. Thanks to convenient USB charging, Hercules is always ready for action. Simply recharge and enjoy endless hours of fun whenever the mood strikes.

In conclusion, treat yourself to unparalleled pleasure with the Hercules Automatic Masturbator and discover a new dimension of personal satisfaction.

Dimensions and material:

Material: TPE + ABS
Black color
Size: 32.0cm x 29.0cm x 8.0cm
Weight: 1900g



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