Sex balls

Sex balls for women who like to stay in control of their bodies

Sex balls have been used by women for centuries.

In fact, these balls used at the vaginal level either for therapeutic purposes for perineal bodybuilding are for recreational purposes therefore as sex toys for women.

Sex balls were originally made from jade, small round pebbles or semi-precious stones of rounded shape. It is believed that their origin would come from Japan, but traces have also been found in China and Indonesia so their origin is Asian and goes back more than a thousand years! Widely used today, this type of female sex toy is available in almost every country in the world and is sometimes prescribed by doctors and sometimes sold for their ability to give pleasure.

For therapeutic purposes, geisha balls also known as Japanese balls, pleasure pearls or Ben-Wa balls are still used today to keep the perineum toned.

How to do the exercise

The exercise is simple, just insert the sex balls inside the vagina. To keep the balls, the woman must contract the pelvic muscles so as not to escape them this helps to restore tone to the muscles. Bladder descents due to childbirth for women can thus be avoided and allow that if to prevent urinary leakage.

Kegel balls, hence the name, Dr. Kegel exercises are a more modern version of geisha balls and have an interchangeable ball system to allow you to vary the weight and thus increase muscle tone by progression.

They will also help to increase muscle tone, prepare women for childbirth by making them aware of their vaginal muscles and help them when they need to push when the baby is born. These exercises will also make it easier for women to have orgasms more often during sex. Indeed, awareness of their vaginal muscles and increased muscle tone help them to increase sensations during penetration. This is why sex balls are widely used as sex toys and sold in the majority of erotic shops and sex shops. Women who do Kegel exercises regularly and master it will remain firm in vaginal muscles and vigorous even in old age, have said they can compete with young virgins.

Chinese balls for their part are strictly reserved for sexual pleasures.

Chinese balls consisting of two balls connected by a cord they contain inside two other balls normally. Made of metal which when introduced at the vaginal levels, and that there is movement they collide and produce vibrations which provides great sensitivity to the vaginal muscles, resulting in a feeling of intense pleasure.

Largely used

Japanese balls are usually made of metal either surgical steel or gold-plated iron and are small in size. The others are made from a multitude of materials ranging from plastics, silicon, PVC, metals or even a mixture of these different elements.

In fact sex balls are therefore very widely used throughout the world either for therapeutic reasons or simply for reasons of sexual pleasure, for which the erotic shops La Clé du Plaisir are proud to have a large selection of excellent quality for all budgets. Do not hesitate to discuss sex balls with your doctor for all the reasons mentioned above, a counselor from La Clé du Plaisir a doctor or a sex therapist can guide you adequately to make the best choice between geisha balls, Kegel balls or Chinese balls.

With a few minutes of use per day, it encourages you to become more aware of your health, both sexual and physical, which will allow you a much better personal development and certainly a better bond with your partner during your sexual relations or even more simply during your pregnancy they will make your experience easier both before and after childbirth.

Finally, given their low cost of purchase and all the possibilities which offers both therapeutically and the development of healthy sexuality, sex balls should be part of the products contained in the trunk of the secret garden from the start women!

Chinese ball

Use to experience new sensations.

Kegel balls

To strengthen your vaginal muscles.

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