Massage candle

Massage candles to warm the atmosphere between lovers

First, experience a
with our collection of massage candles.

By lighting the candle, you’ll already be enjoying an aromatherapy session with the encompassing scents these candles release into the room.

You will be able to free your body and mind from the stress of the day and already have a feeling of well-being. This turns burning a candle into a beautiful multi-step experience and one that your body will thank you for.

Let a pool of wax slowly form while enjoying the soothing scents of aromatherapy. Then, give your skin a special treatment by massaging it with our warm and nourishing oils. Once the candle is melted, you pour some directly on your partner. Moreover, the massage candle will not burn the skin since it does not contain kerosene.

Also you will only benefit from a warm and creamy coating! The oil does not stick after the
you can leave it on the skin, it will become a rich moisturizer very good for your skin!

Special blend

These fragrant candles are made with a special blend of skin-nourishing oils including shea, hemp, vitamin E and pure essential oils.

The gentle heat helps these healing and moisturizing oils penetrate deeper into your skin for a greater effect.

These candles aren’t bad either for adding a little extra spice to your sex. Do not hesitate to experiment with a
during your experience it will be more pleasant.

The collection Shunga and Fuzu is offered by the erotic store
The Key to Pleasure
and this for your greatest pleasure.

Finally, all you have to do is relax and enjoy their benefits.

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