Flavor / Flavour

It must be said that the flavor / flavour is very neglected during our sexual relations, of course we are talking here about deliberately playing with taste. Many types of erotic products have flavored accessories, such as massage oils, lotions, condoms, and nipple arousal cream and Plaisir lips balms.

The mouth and the tongue are already involved in our sexual intercourse, why not bring your favorite flavors?

Many massage oils have flavor / flavour and smell whether it is the massage candle or the massage oil itself. This type of product leads its user to touch, but also to taste his or her partner, and this in a different way than usual. Indeed it produces an effect where you want to devour your partner, which helps to raise our sexual arousal.

Flavor / flavour improves taste

The flavor / flavour can also be used to improve the taste, we are talking here about when we make oral love. The simple addition of flavor to this sexual act can in some cases improve if not increase this type of report for the greatest pleasure of men and a majority of women.

And yet, so many people don’t take advantage of all their senses of taste during their sexual experiences. Flavor sensation play is just that: the act of stimulating your senses in different ways to heighten or experience different types of pleasure.

What about flavored lips balms, lotions and jelly that can bring your partner there or want to be stimulated?
Flavor / flavour can make sex better and easier to engage for everyone.

Whether on the penis or the breasts / boobs, which partner will refuse to taste! This will encourage or bring more sexual relations and more pleasure!

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