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There are many reasons for using sexual lubricant whether during sex or with the use of sex toys.

When having sex, whether vaginal or anal, the use of sexual lubricant can make all the difference between a pleasurable relationship and a painful one. As for women when there is too rapid vaginal penetration of the partner, a lack of “preparation” justifies its use, sometimes also some women especially after childbirth or simply as they age suffers from vaginal dryness this which makes friction without lubricant painful enough to justify its use.

When using a women vibrator, masturbator, dildo, it is often much more pleasant to use a lubricant, which greatly increases the pleasure while facilitating penetration. Indeed, although very realistic, sex toys do not self-lubricate and require additional lubrication, even for vaginal penetration, because natural lubrication is very variable and often insufficient.

Water-based lubricant

You can get the full range of sexual lubricants on the market from our online store La Clé du Plaisir, starting with the  water-soluble personal lubricant. As its name suggests, the base of this lubricant is water, which makes it completely soluble, and therefore easier to clean. A simple damp cloth and you can easily wipe your various sex toys, on the other hand, since it is soluble in water, it is a medium-lasting lubricant in a humid environment such as the vaginal environment.

Before the advent of personal silicone lubricant

It was by far the most widely used lubricant with various women vibrator and masturbator on the market. Now with personal silicone lubricant we are talking about very high performance lubricant here, a single application should be more than enough for either penetration or the use of sex toy for women or men. On the other hand, as in any product if you have a tendency to have allergies, watch out for personal silicone lubricant, as it may be more favourable in a small percentage.

In our selection of sexual lubricants

You will also find a good choice of anal lubricant which are generally thicker or even in the form of a cream or even a gel, to facilitate application and increase their duration of effectiveness. Certain anal lubricant or anal cream contains a desensitizer to facilitate penetration or the use of anal toys for beginners. For obvious reasons we do not recommend its use for vaginal penetrations since it could act as a desensitizer and decrease the intensity of pleasure during your relations.

The flavoured lubricant

The flavored lubricant is part of our range of sexual lubricant and is very popular for those who love erotic games or just add a special taste to their sex. Available in an incredible array of flavours, they can be used for penetration as well as with your favourite sex toys. Flavoured lubricants also have a very pleasant smell which can encourage a rapprochement with a loved one which can only promote the pleasure of any relationship.

Warming lubricant

There is also the warming lubricant which can be both water-based and silicone-based and even anal for the more adventurous. This type of lubricant is heated by blowing on it or simply by rubbing it more or less quickly. It may also have some flavour available which adds to the feeling, but keep in mind that this type of lubricant is warm so start using it in small doses to work out how much to use is most enjoyable.

Finally, all sex lubricant are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from simple samples to gallon containers. Obviously for occasional use you should use reasonable sized formats such as four ounces or eight ounces which are easier to handle. Always check the price versus the quantity in fact certain bottles such as Plaisir lubricant contain a little more than five ounces at the same price as bottles of other brands which contain four ounces, thus a significant saving. Remember that your counselors at La Clé du Plaisir are available to answer all your questions about sexual lubricant.

Personal water-based lubricant

This type of lubricant is water soluble.

Personal silicone lubricant

High performance lubricants!

Anal lubricant

Specially designed for anal penetration.

Flavoured lubricant

To add flavor to your lovemaking.

Warming lubricant

Releases heat to spice up your anal intercourse.

Sex toy cleaner


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