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Enjoy a moment of ultimate relaxation with our range of bath product. First, use the fragrant bath salts. Physically speaking, bath salts promote muscle and joint relaxation. They act by relaxing and thus relieve joint pain and tension (cramps, arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness, etc.). In short, they help the body to relax and, mixed with your body bath, they are a delight of relaxation. They act not only on our physical state, but also on our internal well-being. Indeed, bath salts have a positive ability to restore a certain serenity of mind. Also, the symptoms targeted are, for example, stress, anxiety attacks, insomnia… These bath products will help letting go and have a soothing and liberating role on the mind. Everything to get away from the daily hassles and put yourself in a relaxed atmosphere for love. The popular Shunga bath collection available on our La Clé du Plaisir online site.

Bath gel

The most stimulating bath product is the bath gel. This product was created to give lovers a time-out for a unique bathing experience. The product is very easy to use. Just pour the contents of the first sachet into the tub filled with hot water. Quickly, the water turns into thousands of delicate little water-swelling pearls to form a rich, creamy jelly that envelops the room in a sweet scent and radiates the water in a relaxing colour! Then all you have to do is enter the water and let the body rest in order to discover an extraordinary feeling of envelopment that awakens the senses.

The therapeutic properties of the jelly hydrate while exfoliating the skin in depth to make it soft, desirable and ready to receive gentle caresses… Once the bath is finished, just pour the contents of the second sachet into the bathtub and the gel returns to its liquid form so that the water can drain away normally! An exceptional bath product!

Bubble bath

A very original bath product is the bubble bath or edible shower gel. It allows you to take super stimulating two-person showers! These products are edible, gluten-free and vegan. No reason to do without. For more effect, choose the mint flavour which has a stimulating effect on the skin and genitals!

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