Warming lubricant

Warming lubricant for hot experiences

First, the warming lubricant emits heat by friction or simply when you blow on it. In addition, some warming lubricants are designed for anal and vaginal penetration and are often accompanied by a flavor.

No matter the weather outside, the best warming lubes make hot sex possible all year round.

That said, besides its most obvious feature, a good warming lube does more than just add softness to the most sensitive areas of your body.

It can actually help improve arousal by increasing blood flow, which adds extra tingle and sensation to even the most subtle types of play.

For some, it can even help make orgasms more intense. Still, you don’t necessarily have to be chilly to reap the benefits of warming lubricant, as many of the best choices aren’t all that warm to the touch.

Warming lubricants increase the intensity of pleasure, whether they are used with your erotic toys, massage or during your sexual relations.

Warming lubricants are designed to give you hot experiences with your partner or your favorite sex toy.

Sex shop La Clé du Plaisir offers the best brands of warming lubricant such as Wicked, Jo and Wet in easy-to-use containers at the best price for your greatest pleasure.

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