Cream, gel and massage oil

Excellent choice of cream, gel and massage oil

Among the cream, gel and massage oil that you will find on the site. Two main categories stand out; fruit-based cream, gel and massage oil and those based on flowers. The former are in most cases edible, the latter may be bitter to the taste, so choose them according to your needs. If the situation is likely to get more intimate and you risk tasting your partner, go for the fruit flavours … if you just favour a good massage, you will appreciate the ones made with flowers. We have the full range of excellent Shunga products in stock. 

The vegetable oils that make up massage creams, gels and oils are beneficial. They contain fats that promote skin elasticity, prevent skin dryness and, finally, nourish the tissues.

Vegetable oils to which essential oils are incorporated, sometimes from fruits, plants, trees or flowers, are generally excellent tonic for the body, while some others are on the contrary soothing.
Either way, enjoy a good massage with our quality cream, gel and massage oil !

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